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“Europa macht Schule” is a project in which a lot of university students from other countries take part and present their countries and languages in schools.

 Musa lives in Turkey and he came to our class for the project “Europa macht Schule”. He showed a presentation and a video with information about Turkey. We prepared a dialogue in Turkish and played a German-Turkish memory game.

On 8 March 2016 we went to the final event at Gymnasium Essen-Werden. There we gave a short talk on Turkey, presented our dialogue and listened to projects from other schools. First we listened to a speech and then we heard about 13 projects about different countries, for example Italy, France, Finland and Ireland. It was a pity that not all the students were there because some were already back in their home countries.

The project was a good experience and we learned a lot about other cultures. We had a lot of fun with Musa.

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