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We qualified for the Nationals !

During the last four days of our Easter holidays a small delegation from the NGB participated in the Regional Selection Conference of the European Youth Parliament which took place in Traunstein. The EYP is a simulation of the European Parliament where young people get to meet in order to discuss and share their thoughts on important political issues.

After four days of hard work, tense debates and getting to know your fellow delegates the jury announced our qualification for the National Selection Conference of the European Youth Parliament Germany.

Maisha Asif (Q1), Nikolai Bosch (9D), Nela Dämpfer (EF), Electra Ermidi (Q1), Clara Kogel (Q1), Luis Kosel (Q1) and Lilly Scholz (Q1) took part as delegates.

Ole Weichsel (Q1) took part as an official.

We are not only grateful to have had the opportunity to work in such a like-minded environment but also to have had the opportunity to meet so many new and interesting people from all over Europe. Thus we are looking forward to once again get the chance to sit down with other young people and exchange knowledge as well as ideas in order to come up with a resolution, a paper that includes both definitions of the problem at hand and solutions for the aforementioned. This process is divided into different committees which deal with different issues e.g fisheries, mental health or sustainable agriculture. Each committee has to come up with a resolution which will be presented and debated in the General Assembly where all committees meet.
Both during committee work and the General Assembly our delegation impressed the jury with our political knowledge, communication skills, capacity for teamwork and our debating skills.
Next to the academic aspect the EYP also offered plenty of social activities such as Eurovillage where each delegation had to bring traditional food of their assigned country. There we were able to socialize with the other delegates as well as tasting traditional food from countries all over Europe.
All in all we had a great time full of good laughs, new friendships , debates , sleepless nights, bad food and interesting conversations !
There is nothing left to say except that we are very excited and glad to be part of the National Selection Conference of the EYP in Osnabrück.
In case you also want to gain such splendid experiences as well as just improving your debating skills, knowledge on European politics and communication skills you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the EPDC. The EPDC is always open for new members to join on Tuesdays from 14:45 p.m till 16:10 p.m.
Nela Dämpfer


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